The Queen’s Student Constables (QSC)  welcome both you and your student to the Queen’s community! Our number one priority is the success of our students and to assist you, we have put together a number of valuable resources for you. 

Queen’s Student Constables is committed to creating a safe and welcoming learning environment for our students, staff and visitors. We have several safety services and procedures in place. Each section provides a brief description of that resource, and pdf with additional information to get you acclimated to a variety of resources across the Queen’s University campus.

The Queen’s Student Constables Service continues to proudly serve the entire Queen’s University community in the City of Kingston, Ontario with full commitment to ensuring community safety and wellbeing. Learn more about what we do and get a quote on our array of services.

Resource Hub

Peer Support Centre

Queen’s First Aid

(613) 533-6111

Positive Space Program

Levana Gender Advocacy Centre

Ban Righ Centre

(613) 5332976 OR

Queen’s Recreational Services

(613) 533-2500

Campus Observation Room

Queen’s IT Services

(613) 533-2000

AMS Foodbank

(613) 533-6000 or

Academic Grievance Centre

613 533-6000 x32327 OR

Student Academic Success Services

613 533-6315 OR


SGPS Student Advisor Programs

613 533-2924 OR


Accessibility Services (Short-term or long-term accommodations or brief absence forms)

613 533-6467 OR


Career Services

613 533-2992

Peer Support

Student Wellness Services (Counselling)
613-533-2506 or

Sexual Violence Centre Kingston

613 545-0762

KGH Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Program

613 549-6666 X4880
Sexual Assault Centre Kingston 24/7 Crisis Line

613 544 6424

Good2talk (Anonymous)
1 866 925-5454

Male Victims Standing Tall

613 548-9494

Assaulted Women’s Helpline

1 866 863-0511 OR text #SAFE (#7233)

Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy
613 507-2288

Campus Security

613 533 6111 (Emergency)

Queen’s University Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator

613 533 6330 OR

Sexual Health Resource Centre

613 533-2959

Kingston Pregnancy Care

613 545 9407

Peer Support

Student Wellness Services (Counselling)

613 533-6000 X78263

AMHS-KFLA Crisis Line

613 544-4229

Canadian Mental Health Association (Appointments)
613 549-7027

Resolve Counselling Services
1 800 409-4499 OR 613 549-7027

Connex Ontario (24/7)

1 866 531 2600 OR text 778 782-0177

Telehealth Ontario

1 866 797-0000


1 866 925 5454

Faith and Spiritual Life

613 533 2186


613 544 1771

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Queen University is committed to an inclusive campus community with accessible goods, services, and facilities that respect the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.
Campus Security and Emergency Services documents are available in an accessible format or with appropriate communication supports upon request. Subscribe to Security Alert Emails

The SeQure App
SeQure is a mobile safety app for Queen’s students. It provides quick access to campus security resources, including the campus security emergency line, and services such as AMS Walkhome.

For Queen's Campus Emergencies

For life-threatening emergency response
(Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance)

Dial: 911

Emergency Report Centre (for non-emergencies, Safe Walk and Lone Worker Program)


For on campus emergency response:


Queen’s Status Line


General Inquiries




Campus Security and Emergency Services
Fleming Hall, Jemmett Wing, Room 202 Kingston, ON K7L 2N8

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