It’s when we share our skills, knowledge and experience we become one team. Diversity makes us strong. We all bring unique qualities, and together a diverse team delivers much more than a collection of individuals.

What Our Staff has to say

Working for Queen's Student Constables was a highlight of my university experience. The wide range venues, event and most importantly incredible people involved with the organization left me with valuable experience and lasting friendships that stayed with me throughout my undergraduate degree and beyond! I would highly recommend that anyone with a passion for customer service and meeting new people, strong personal responsibility, and providing a safe and enjoyable space for all members of the queens community apply to be part of this phenomenal team.
Alex Mihailov
Former Queen’s Student Constable Supervisor
Working at QSC opened the door for me to so many cool experiences I never expected. From Grease Pole to Ottawa for QMP to my eventual home at Queen’s Pub on Triva Nights, I had the chance to meet so many people I never would have if I’d stayed in my faculty bubble. The camaraderie of the staff team was something I’ll always treasure, and I made lifelong friends who got me through some rough times. I never expected security would turn into such a passion for me, but here I am, graduated and working as a guard for the Commissionaires. QSC is changing the face of security. You don’t need to be tall, you don’t need to be a guy, you can be disabled and have blue hair and still find a home with them. I know I did.
Emily Townshend
Former Queen’s Student Constable
My time with the Queen's Student Constables was the highlight of my university experience. QSC provided me with top level training, professional certifications, and ample opportunities to work in a field of interest for a living wage. The organizational hierarchy rewards diligence and dedication. In my 3 years with the organization, I held every position from entry level up to service manager. If you are looking for a job that provides you with enriching work, real world experience, and top-level wages, look no farther than the Queen's Student Constables.
Jesse Bell
Former Queen’s Student Constable Head Manager
I would highly recommend that everyone should become a student constable during their time at Queen’s University. The managing staff was completely understanding of the demands of being a student while also providing me with countless opportunities to work. Through this position I was able to meet many like-minded peers who were passionate about getting involved within the campus community. I was also able to learn some excellent interpersonal skills, such as conflict management and collaboration which will aid me within my future career!
Maya Kassam
Former Queen’s Student Constable
I had the pleasure of being employed by QSC for three consecutive years. Working with QSC was so much more than a paycheck even though as a student making some money was always a priority for me. I was given the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and acquire real skills that were not available in a lecture hall. Many of these skills such as conflict resolution, collaboration, and communication, I still apply today in the workplace. I am forever grateful to my outstanding coworkers, supervisors, and managers.
Zaryab Ahmed
Former Queen’s Student Constable Supervisor


You can count on Queen’s Student Constables to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. We believe in treating everyone with kindness and respect is an important part of our job.


Our staff are highly trained tp identify and respond to emergency situations in a timely and effective manner. We understand the unique security challenges that exist within Queen’s University campus.


We have advanced knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). Our staff are able to apply this knowledge to whatever site we are assigned.

Career Advice

Training That You Must Complete To Become A Security Guard